Violão Gibson Sj-200 Tv True Vintage Usa Acústico

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From Gibson:

SJ-200 True Vintage

The SJ-200 was originally built to cut through the loudest acoustic ensembles but ended up defining the new American music scene on its way to becoming the world?s most famous acoustic guitar. The SJ-200 True Vintage delivers the look, feel and sound of our original Super Jumbo as it was at the pinnacle of the acoustic age prior to amplification. Gibson Acoustic?s master luthiers in Bozeman, Montana, have created a nearly-identical instrument in structure and components as the most popular 1950?s version including an Adirondack red spruce top, hot hide glue top bracing for better tonal response and VOS finish. The SJ-200 True Vintage captures the deep, well-balanced tone and powerful sound of this celebrated guitar. Available for a limited time

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